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2019#15 Readings of the week

Dimarts 4 Juny 2019

Tom Gauld (for New Scientist, from his blog, sorry!)
NOTE: The themes are varied, and some links below are affiliate links. Data engineering, adtech, ZIO, Rust, writing, some miscellaneous stuff. Expect a similar wide range in the future as well. You can check all my weekly readings by checking the tag here . You can also get these as a weekly newsletter by subscribing here.

Hacking the Casio F-91W to Handle 1000+ PSI

This was an amusing find. I wonder where my F-91 is.

The Day You Became a Better Writer (2nd Look)

Top notch, short and sweet writing tips by Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame)

Rebuffing the Attack of the Clones

I’m guilty of unnecessary cloning. Shame, shame.

Generating geometric image placeholders client-side

Neat! I had written something similar in C a long time ago. It was slow! This is blazingly fast.

Behavioral Ad Targeting Not Paying Off for Publishers, Study Suggests

This is surprising. I’d expect CPM to be higher for high value programmatically bid users.

The Embroiderer's Story: Hand Skills

An unexpected consequence of the digitalisation of our leisure

No frills data warehousing with dbt

I’ve been considering this tool (the open source one, not the cloud offering, I have Airflow for that) for a while.

Why I'm Stepping Back from Scalaz (John De Goes)

A very well reasoned writing. I’m all for ZIO.

Apache Flink: Flux capacitor, huh? Temporal Tables and Joins in Streaming SQL

I don’t use Flink, but it’s there, staring at me.

Using Poetry in production

It sounds powerful in combination with my dear pyenv.

How I run a company with ADHD

I somehow can relate, I wonder why OH HEY A SQUIRREL

CQL: A categorical query language

The categorical hype rises. I’d like to see scheme-based data analysis at some point (that could be a thing at some point, schemes as in generalized algebraic manifolds)

📚 Baking with Kafka

An amusing book by cartoonist Tom Gauld.

🎥 Crossing the River by Feeing the Stones

I've been doing Wardley maps for close to a month, and they have been really influential in how I approach a lot of things. I will be giving a short introduction to them this weekend at SoCraTesUK 2019, if you are there say hello (and I'll post the slides soon)

AWKrdeck: Deckset to Reveal.js

I wrote a simple converter from Deckset style presentations to similarly-themed Reveal.js presentations using some AWK and Pandoc.


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