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2019#18 Readings of the week

Dimarts 25 Juny 2019

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

NOTE: The themes are varied, and some links below are affiliate links. Software engineering, history, planning, data engineering. Expect a similar wide range in the future as well. You can check all my weekly readings by checking the tag here . You can also get these as a weekly newsletter by subscribing here.

Fresh look at mysterious Nasca lines in Peru

An analysis of what kind of birds they represented.

4 Simple Steps To Set-up Your WLM in AWS Redshift

Good suggestions on workload management and process queues for Redshift

Adventure Games and Eigenvalues

Finding dead ends in a game using Markov processes (instead of a formal language approach)

When pigs fly: optimising bytecode interpreters

Quite a meaty post about... well, optimising interpreters (incidentally, bytecode based)

See through words

Did you know metaphor design is a thing? Read this article for more.

Decision tables

Calling decision tables a formal method may be a stretch, but they can clarify your thinking. And that is one of the powerful things formal methods bring.

Monad Transformers aren’t hard!

No, they aren't, but your heap can suffer in Scala!

🎥 Wardley Maps Saved The Day - How Stack Overflow Enterprise automated all the things...

I’ve been into Wardley mapping for several months (even gave a presentation on Mapping at SoCraTes UK 2019) and I’m basically consuming any content related to it. This short video is a very good intro to Wardley mapping, by the way.

🎥 Cartoons are about how drawing and writing work together on the page

A quite funny video presentation by Tom Gauld

📚 The goal: a process of ongoing improvement

It’s like Sophie’s World but for Theory of Constraints (with a whiz of the Toyota Production System probably)

📚 Make your contacts count

Networking tips. It describes very directed ways of building a network and actually being useful in it, not just a parasite.


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